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Rustforms (New York)
Fall 2020 (estimate)
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Crosshatch is a first-person puzzle and exploration game set in a city fractured between dimensions. Cross dimensions to solve mind-bending spatial puzzles and explore a beautifully-rendered open world. Awaken sleeping spirits and unravel forgotten histories as you approach the ominous megastructure which casts its shadow over the city.
Mechanic-driven puzzles blend logical thinking with light platforming. Harness the differences between dimensions to get around blockades, land seemingly impossible jumps, and maneuver through unusual structures. Carry objects between dimensions and activate interdimensional machines to build your path forward.
Explore a strange, abandoned city that once served as a gateway between realms. Piece together the history of the fractured world as you meet lingering spirits, each with their own memories of the city and the people who once lived there. Crosshatch is designed to be a low-stress experience, and encourages you to set your own balance of puzzling and exploration by taking on the game’s challenges in any order.
Dimension-crossing puzzles that combine platforming, logical thinking, and careful planning 
Explorable world with hidden stories to uncover 
Boldly-colored minimalist art style inspired by comic books and architectural drawings
Surreal, environmentally-focused narrative 
Generative ambient soundtrack which responds to player input
Team Members
Will Freudenheim – Project Lead, Sound Design
Seamus Edson – Art Direction, Graphic Design
Aaron Kelly-Penso – Puzzle and Narrative Design

Bryson Davis – Programming

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